People Of Taste - Nicky Haslam


People of Taste: Nicky Haslam's Hunting Lodge

Nicholas (Nicky) Haslam is undoubtedly on of the most important figures - and characters - in British interior design, whose home for the past 40 years has been the Hunting Lodge in Hampshire, a legendary house, previously the home of John Fowler, which Nicky rents from The National Trust. Built for Henry VII when all the land between Winchester and Windsor was a royal forest, the Jacobean façade was added in 1620. It is rumoured that Catherine of Aragon met her first husband Prince Arthur there, and during Nicky's tenure it has played host to a galaxy of stars, from Joan Collins to Lucien Freud. As Nicky celebrates his 80th birthday and prepares to sell the contents of the folly at Bonham's, House & Garden gets a final intimate tour.

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